Occupation - design, fine arts

Favorite Pastime - painting, travel, experiments with texture and technique

Likes - rosehip, white covers on armchairs, to sleep under an apple tree in the summer, kilims, XVIII century engravings, country houses made of natural stone, Chinese furniture, textured walls, large abstractions, mirrors with old amalgam

Favorite Food - pilaf, apples, tea from a handless cup, lukum, red wines

Dislikes - glossy parquet, plastic, French cuisine, expression "your coordinates", when a thing doesn't obey, Tiffany lamps, siding houses

Favorite Style - low-tech, Baroque, Art Deco, Puritan's style of modern New York lofts

Disliked Style - High-tech, Art Nouveau, Classicism

Favorite Colors - white-golden, red, gold, turquoise

Favorite Artists - Velazquez, Bruegel, Chagall, Dufy

Disliked Artists - Magritte, De Chirico, Peredvizhniki (Traveling Artists)

Favorite Works of Art - Assyrian relieves, with hunting scenes from Nineveh, Dufy's and Matisse's works, landscaped parks, bonsai

Favorite Music - Bach, jazz, some rock pieces

Favorite Cities - Aachen, Venice, Constantinople, and also that place "where green ants dream"

Disliked Cities - St. Petersburg, Koeln, big German ones

Favorite Writers - Carpentier, Brodsky, Platonov, Nabokov