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ZIGGURAT SILVER_author Boris Laurentiev

Ziggurat, the Tower of Babel. The tiers of the stepped pyramid are painted in symbolic colors of planets (there were five planets known in Ancient Babylon), the last tier but one is silver (the Moon), the last and the highest one - golden (the Sun). For many centuries once a year at the vernal equinox night on the top platform the state slave (not someone's private) - that is the nation, people (although by other sources it was a priest) - externalized the virgin priestess, the earth, on the open couch. The next morning the blooded and spermed sheet was demonstrated to people - the seed was thrown, the earth was fertilized. Expression, action - the contrast between the chaos of the surrounding world (invasions, wars, epidemics etc.) and the millenial immobility of the object - ziggurat.