2008, canvas, Paganini score, mixed technique, acrylic, 170х240 cm (diptych)


"We will escape from all troubles, believe me...". Paris, Pont Alexandre III, the Eiffel Tower in the distance... Europe - elegant, neat and dying. There is no vice, but only the here and now. The satyr is soft, tender and cordial, though horned and hoofed. The youth listens to him, and inherently is already willing to surrender. To escape from troubles - not to run away, which presupposes an illusion of movement and action, but to withdraw into oneself, into sex, alcohol, drugs or... Or maybe all of it at once. There is no morality, the curtains are drawn. Streets are there at the bottom, with morality for the crowd - but there is no crowd anymore, only people’s smiles in cafes, working robots and working Chinese. Drink it, embrace me and we will escape from all troubles, believe me... And then, early in the morning, we will slightly open the curtain and see the dazzling dawn behind the roofs and houses, behind the Eiffel tower. It is still early... Vienna and Rome are sleeping, Paris is sleeping, too, and... Where do you find yourself now? When it is morning in Cologne, New York is still sleeping under the cover of night. The legions still stand on the frontier, and no-one has lit the beacon yet. Never mind that the legions already consist half of barbarians. They are somewhere here, close by, but it is not still an avalanche... Tiredness after a sleepless night... The sun goes up... Leave and doze away... "We will escape from all troubles, believe me..."