2002, Beethoven score, mixed technique, acrylic, 150x180 cm.


This looks like a shot from a Hollywood movie: Battle of the Pyramids. A few battles start with enemies laughtering at each other: Egyptian mamluks consider a warrior to be a horseman with expensive weapon and harness, while those unmounted palefaces with guns wearing odd regimentals are cowards, their future slaves, product. On the contrary europeans, particularly soldiers of revolutionary France, are sure of that they are the first and advanced warriors in the world and the riders in plumed turbans, men wearing fingerrings are masquerade, mock army of half-females. In such a way enemies encountered on the battlefield showing off and laughtering. We know the conclusion of this quarrel - from the height of pyramids fourty centuries saw the defeat of mamluks and their flight; after a few days in Cairo they layed down their standards and vowed fidelity...