"I PHOTOGRAPH MYTH"- выставка в центре дизайна ARTPLAY

Press release

What place does Octavian Augustus, for example, or Caesar take in the consciousness of a modern man? The best answer would be: "It's Ancient Rome. Close to it - Ancient Egypt, the Pyramids. And - Caesar and Cleopatra!"

In reality there are twenty centuries between us and Caesar, and twenty seven - from Caesar to the Pyramids. That is, Romans are in time closer to us than to the construction of the Pyramids.

Twenty seven centuries - incomprehensible space of time - divide those epochs; however, they are successfully merged in our consciousness. And this is one of many myths of our consciousness. What is "classics"? Who is Beethoven?

You watch a movie, talk to someone, - swarms of myths. People's consciousness is full of them, - and they are good, educated, pleasant people. Why then? The answer is simple - there is reality, life, competition, etc. A scratched car wing is more important for a normal man than, for instance, Mozart's fortune. It can not be otherwise: vacation - family-work-health-currency rate - are reality, and there is no and apparently will not be another, "divine" one. Everything else is a myth.

Ancient cities, Rubens' paintings, Egyptian relieves (where the pharaoh is large and his enemies are small), Wagner's costume operas - are perceived more mythically than the black-and-white movie "Battleship Potemkin," which seems (seems!) to be already almost documental, though in reality it's a beautiful myth. Looking back at the abundance of "real phantoms" around, one understands that multi-coloredness is not that important, it even disturbs. A black-and-white (intensified brown) photograph of those heroes, landscapes, sonatas, paintings - is an attempt to momentarily record "illusion of reality" the way the spectator saw it three, five hundred years ago. And if we synthesize this illusion of reality with myths (dreams) of our present consciousness - this is what will probably be myth defloration.

The conception gave the technique - "canvas - oil" is not adequate to the task. This should be a photograph as an instant recording of illusion of reality, probably superimposed on Mozart's or Haydn's score. As a technique - collage, sheet music, bronze, copper, and silver coins, textures. And yet I did not manage without a brush and acrylic.